About Mont

Mont Surfaces is a family-owned, wholesale supplier of fine surface materials. Our owner started with a vision to make granite available for every home. Over 30 years later, we now serve 8 markets throughout the Midwest, featuring hundreds of stunning options in natural stone, engineered quartz, and porcelain.

  • 400 + varieties of hard surface materials
  • 8 Divisions across the Midwest
  • 32+ years of experience
  • Top-notch customer experience
  • Liason to your industry professional
  • Open to the general public

Mont Process

Follow these 6 easy steps to make your surface selection.

Mission Statement

Surface selection perfected with the best variety, quality, and value while maintaining a high dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Mont Safety and Advisories

  • Use caution: you are entering a working warehouse environment
  • Do not attempt to move any slabs
  • We do not move slabs for viewing on Saturday or after 5pm on Wednesday
  • There are limitations to the number of selections that can be moved
  • We do not call the homeowner before "on-hold" slabs are released. Please coordinate with you industry professional
  • We send multiple notifications to your industry professional during the 14-day hold period
  • We do not move marble slabs between Divisions for viewing
  • Children under the age of 13 are not allowed inside the warehouse
  • Pets and firearms are prohibited (other than documented service pets)

Walk-ins Welcome

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